The tuning world is ever-changing, and Ktuner has been on the forefront of that change with their V1.2 and V2 devices. Both are able to offer users a wide range of options when it comes to tuning their vehicles, but which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll compare the two versions of Ktuner side-by-side to help you make a decision.

0 If you’re a car enthusiast, then you know that there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s upgrading your stereo system or adding new rims, there are endless possibilities when it comes to modifying your ride.

And if you’re looking to get more out of your engine, then you might be considering a tuning device like the Ktuner V1.2 or the V2.0. But which one is right for you? The Ktuner V1.2 is a great choice if you’re just getting started with engine tuning.

It offers easy installation and is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Plus, the Ktuner V1.2 includes features like data logging and fuel economy monitoring to help you get the most out of your engine. If you’re looking for even more power, then the Ktuner V2.0 might be a better option for you.

It offers all of the same features as the V1.2, but with an added boost in power and performance.

Ktuner V1.2 Vs V2


What Does a Ktuner V2 Do?

A KTuner V2 is a device that allows you to tune your vehicle’s engine for performance. It can be used to change the fuel map, ignition timing, and other engine parameters. The V2 version of the KTuner has more features than the original, including support for Honda engines.

Do You Need a Laptop for Ktuner V1 2?

No, you do not need a laptop for KTuner V1 2. All you need is a computer with a USB port and an internet connection.

Does the Ktuner V2 Come With Tunes?

No, the KTuner V2 does not come with tunes. However, it is compatible with a wide variety of aftermarket tuning software. This gives you the ability to load custom tunes onto the device for use with your vehicle.

Does Ktuner V2 Have to Stay Plugged In?

No, KTuner V2 does not have to stay plugged in. It is designed to be used as a standalone device, meaning that it can be unplugged and taken with you wherever you go. However, there are some benefits to keeping it plugged in when possible.

For example, if you leave it plugged in while your car is off,KTuner will automatically enter “sleep mode” and conserve battery power. Additionally, if you ever need to update the firmware on your KTuner V2, it must be connected to a computer via USB in order to do so.

Ktuner v1.2 and v2.. Which One Should You Buy? | The BASICS

Ktuner V1.2 Compatibility

Ktuner V1.2 Compatibility As of today, Ktuner is compatible with the following Honda and Acura vehicles: 2017+ 10th Gen Civic Type R (FK8)

2018+ Accord 2.0T (10th Gen) 2019+ Insight (3rd Gen) 2017+ CR-V 1.5T (5th Gen)

2018+ Odyssey Honda Fit 2015-2020 2nd Generation 9G

Ktuner can also be used on the 2018 Goldwing!

Ktuner V1.2 Download

Ktuner V1.2 is now available for download! This latest version includes support for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R and 2018+ Accord 2.0T! We’ve also made some general improvements and bug fixes based on feedback from our users.

If you’re not familiar with Ktuner, it’s a tuning solution that allows you to adjust various engine parameters on your supported Honda/Acura vehicle. It’s a great way to improve performance without having to make any permanent changes or modifications to your car. To use Ktuner, you’ll need a Windows PC and a OBDII interface device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port.

Once everything is set up, you can start tuning your engine via the Ktuner software interface. If you own a 2017+ Civic Type R or 2018+ Accord 2.0T, we highly recommend giving Ktuner V1.2 a try!

Ktuner V2

Ktuner V2 is a powerful engine management and tuning tool for the Honda Civic Type R. It allows users to tune their cars for optimal performance, while also providing detailed data logging and analysis capabilities. Ktuner V2 is easy to use and provides great results, making it a must-have tool for any Honda Civic Type R owner looking to get the most out of their car.

Ktuner V1 2 Features

Ktuner V1 2 is packed with new features and improvements! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new: – Support for the latest Honda Civic Type R FK8 ECU (Honda part number 39770-5L0-A82)

– Improved tuning accuracy and stability – New “Map Switching” feature allows you to quickly and easily change between different maps without having to re-flash the ECU – Revised user interface for easier navigation and more intuitive controls

– And much more!


Ktuner V1.2 Vs V2: What’s the difference? If you’re wondering what the difference is between Ktuner V1.2 and V2, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be comparing these two versions of Ktuner and see what sets them apart.

Ktuner V1.2 was released back in 2016 and was a big update from the previous version. It included a new UI, increased compatibility with more vehicles, and improved performance overall. However, there were still some limitations with this version, such as no support for Hondas/Acuras and limited data logging capabilities.

Ktuner V2 was released in 2019 and addressed many of the limitations of the previous version. It added support for Hondas/Acuras, increased data logging capabilities, and introduced a new feature called “Flash & Go”. This feature allows you to flash your vehicle’s ECU without having to go through a dealer or tuner shop – making it much more convenient for those who want to tune their own cars.

Overall, Ktuner V2 is a much more powerful and user-friendly tool than its predecessor.

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