With the increasing number of new models of cars, the oil filters of the cars are also entering into the market with variations. Honda 15400 RTA 003 vs 15400 PLM A02 has always been a trendy topic among car users as they hold some similarities in their features.

Today, in this article, I will share my opinion and let people know the differences between these two products. You will be able to choose the right product without getting perplexed by the similarities.

There is no doubt that both of the products are good but still, you might be curious about the features. Hang with this article and get a suitable oil filter for your car.

Comparison Chart Between Honda 15400 RTA 003 VS 15400 PLM A02

Differentiable Factors 15400 RTA 003 15400 PLM A02
Item Weight 3.2 ounces 3.91 pounds
Item Model Number 15400-RTA-003 15400-PLM-A02
Oil Filters case number 1 case 10 case
Package Dimension ‎3.7 x 2.87 x 2.76 inches 11.26 x 11.02 x 2.83 inches
Construction Well-Built Construction Cheap Construction
Material Plastic Aluminium
End Cap Type No End Caps Cardboard End Caps
Filter Cut Open End Caps

About Honda

Whenever the world ‘reliable’ comes to mind there is no doubt that the automobile company will come in mind. Honda has been serving in the market since 1948 and still has maintained the quality of its automobile products.

Description and Benefits of 15400 RTA 003

Honda oil filter 15400 RTA 003 has been a great help for me to manage the engine of my car. This product from Japan is manufactured mainly by Mahle Tennex Corp. has been a relying product from the very beginning. Moreover, it is a must to mention that Honda 15400 RTA 003 is quite similar to the Filtech A01.

Having similarities with the Filtech A01 does not mean that Honda 15400 RTA 003 has the same bypass valve problem. With the advancement of newer technology, Honda was able to solve the metal to metal contraction and solved the bypass trickling.

Another thing that I liked most about  Honda oil filter 15400 RTA 003 is sealed products from the factory. Manufacturer Mahle Tennex Corp. was careful about the tiniest little details and sealed the products from the factory.

The end caps of  Honda 15400 RTA 003 are not made of metal but this feature does not create any problem. Even though the end caps are not metal they are thick enough to stay away from causing any damage. The endcap is mainly of fiber which might be a disappointment but there is nothing to worry about.

It is a Genuine, OEM Honda Replacement Part that means the product is easily replaceable after using for 2-3 years. You do not have to face any kind of hassle while replacing the oil filter with the new one.

The well-constructed design is just fine and precisely made by Honda so that the user does not face any problem. One can easily place the oil filter in his or her car without the help of mechanics and increase the efficiency of the car engine.

Description and Benefits of 15400 PLM A02

Ever since the introduction of the Honda oil filter 15400 PLM A02 I could not resist using it. This product has been a great help to me as it serves the Honda and Acura car model from the year 2018. With the advancement of technology, cars got more advanced and this is the reason people are now searching for new oil filters.

Honda was thoughtful enough to introduce new oil filters so that the engines of the cars of the new model do not face any problem. With the new cars the Honda oil filter, 15400 PLM A02 came in the market with new benefits and features.

It is great news for the car users that Honda tried to reduce all the tiny little flaws that people faced earlier. This is the reason people are now obsessing about the new oil filter as the engine performance raised high with greater efficiency.

Now, you might get perplexed before buying a Honda oil filter 15400 plm A02 as it has a cheaper construction quality. But there is nothing to worry about because even with the cheaper construction quality it never fails to provide great service.

Moreover, the 10 case feature is the main attraction of this product. It has more capacity with more power to increase engine efficiency. The 10 case of this oil filter comes with a higher capability to make the engine smooth and prevent the engine from turning into sludge.

Many people are quite confused and mix Honda oil filter 15400 plm a01 and a02 with each other as they hold quite similar features. Though a01 has better construction quality, 15400 plm a02 also has the ability to protect the car engine from getting damaged. The higher power of the oil filtering process enables the engine to run in a smooth manner.


Which one is more expensive?

The oil filter of Honda 15400 RTA 003 is more expensive than Honda 15400 PLM A02 because of the construction quality. Also, because of being the newer version oil filter, Honda 15400 RTA 003 is more advanced than the PLM a02.

Is Honda 15400 RTA 003 better than Honda PLM a02?

Considering many facts and features, both of the oil filters are good in their own way and perfect for their version of cars. Both of the versions do not have the metal-to-metal contact in the bypass valve and this makes both of them the desirable choice.

Can we replace Honda 15400 plm a02 with 15400 RTA 003?

Yes, one can easily replace Honda 15400 plm a02 with 15400 RTA 003 as both of them shares similar features except some. They are the new models of oil filters that are suitable for new cars.


As for my opinion, for Honda 15400 RTA 003 vs 15400 plm a02, I would recommend the Honda oil filter RTA 003 because it has well-built construction than the Honda 15400 PLM A02. This well-built construction makes the oil filter of Honda more desirable for the engine as it increases efficiency.

The confusion mainly arises when the customers see that both the oil filters have quite similar features with different prices. Now, it is worth mentioning that different car engines demand different types of oil filters. To get the utmost benefit I would always go for Honda oil filter 15400 RTA 003.

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