With the introduction of newer models of oil filters in the market, you might get trouble in deciding which one to buy. Honda 15400 plm a01 vs 15400 plm a02 is nowadays quite a trendy topic among car users as both are manufactured by the same company.

Having similar kinds of features, these two products create quite confusion among the users. Today, in this article, I will share my view and give an appropriate idea about Honda oil filters 15400 plm a01 and 15400 plm a02.

When talking about oil filters, there is no doubt that Honda is the best brand to go for. But the various models of the same company create confusion. Hopefully, you will be able to clear out your confusion and buy a suitable model of oil filter for your car.


Comparison Chart Between Honda 15400 plm a01 vs 15400 plm a02

Differentiable Factors 15400 PLM A01 15400 PLM A02
Item Model Number FBA_15400-PLM-A01 15400-PLM-A01
Item Weight 2.46 Pounds 3.91 Pounds
Oil Filters Case Number 5 case 10 case
Package Dimension 8.66 x 8.5 x 2.68 inches 11.26 x 11.02 x 2.83 inches
Construction Well-built construction Cheap construction
Surface Area Large Small
Bypass valve Metal-to-metal contact Non metal-to-metal contact
Filter Metal end caps Cardboard end caps
Filter paper Wood-pulp filter paper Honeywell filter paper

About Honda

For the automobiles parts in the market, Honda is one of the most reliable brands that one can easily go for. The founder Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa started this company and their quality product rise the company to another level. The quality usable parts made the brand a reliable choice in the heart of the customers.

Description and Benefits of 15400 plm a01

I have been relying on the Honda oil filter model 15400-PLM-A01 since 2009 and this model was standard enough to satisfy my demand. This product is mainly used for the gasoline vehicles of Honda and Acura which started in the year 2009.

With the Filtech manufacturer, the A01 model ran quite a long path and became a reliable product. The filter cartridge of this oil filter model is quite different from the other brands as it does not look like treated paper. The synthetic weave look makes the product different and more beneficial from the other brands in the market.

The feature that I personally did not like is the contact between metals in the bypass valve. Oil filters in the gasoline vehicles having metal-to-metal contact might result in bypass trickling. But Honda can assure you that this problem is not faced frequently and is not a major problem to worry about.

With the larger surface area of 151 square inches, you can get more space inside the small shell of 15400 plm a01. Moreover, the felt-like metal of this product does not need traditional end caps to seal the ends.

The disintegrate property of the Honda oil filter 15400-PLM-A01 is not that fast which serves the proper purpose of the filter. With great construction quality, this product saves your car from getting damaged and has a long lifespan with 5 cases of oil filters.

Last but not the least, you will be amazed by the well-built design of the product and the trust kept by the Honda company. The flat surface along with the hemispherical design has the ability to press against the baseplate. This also has the feature not to drain back the valve with the semi-labyrinth seal which is considered as one of the best seals.

Description and Benefits of 15400 plm a02

I have also been a fan of the Honda oil filter 15400 plm a02 which is quite similar to Honda 15400 a01 except in some areas. With the advancement of technology, the vehicles got improved and those modern vehicles needed advanced oil filters. With this concept of improvement, Honda introduced an oil filter 15400 plm a02 with new ideas and benefits.

After the flaws discovered in Honda 15400 plm a01, Honda decided to get improved with their new product by reducing minor flaws. You will be happy to know that in Honda plm a02 there is no contact between metals which results in increasing the life span of the oil filter and the engine of your car.

Considering the construction quality of Honda 15400 plm a02, the filters are enough to protect your car from serious damage. By changing your engine oil with proper time intervals you can easily protect your car and get higher performance.

The performance of Honda 15400 plm a02 is highly qualified to increase the efficiency of engines and prevent the engine to burst. Also, with the 10 cases of oil filters, this version of the oil filter of Honda gives the best performance for a longer period.

With the 10 cases of oil filters, it shows higher capability in preventing the engine from turning into sludge. This has the power to clean the oil through the filtrating process and makes the engine run sufficiently.


Which one is more expensive?

The oil filter of Honda 15400 plm a01 is more expensive than Honda 15400 plm a02 as it has a well-built construction with better performance. Though Honda 15400 plm a02 is a later version is not as good as Honda 15400 plm a01.

Is Honda 15400 plm a01 better than  Honda 15400 plm a02?

Being an older version of the oil filter, Honda 15400 plm still gives better performance compared to  Honda 15400 plm a02. With synthetic weave and large surface area, the  Honda 15400 plm a01 gives amazing performance.

Can we replace  Honda 15400 plm a01 with  Honda 15400 plm a02?

Honda 15400 plm a01 is for the vehicles of model Honda and Acura from 2009 to 2018 and for this, it is not suitable for the cars that came out after 2018.


People are now shifting themselves to newer models of car and this is the reason I would recommend  Honda oil filter 15400 plm a02. Though  Honda 15400 plm a01 is considered the best oil filter compared to  Honda 15400 plm a02 both of them actually have quite similar features in terms of performance.

As a user of new model cars of Honda and Acura, it is wise to use  Honda 15400 plm a02 with 10 cases of filters. This newer oil filter is similar and you will get your desired benefits from this oil filter.

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