No, the Honda Civic’s interior is simply too small to accommodate a 65-inch flat-screen television set. Avoid placing your television at an angle unless you have a way to support the majority of your device on your own, in which case I strongly advise against it.

After placing a television over the seatback, several users have reported that the screen has to shatter right along the line of contact between the seat back and the box when they hit a bump while driving.

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However, on 65-inch TVs, the display may be bent severely, and the type r doesn’t have the smoothest movement of any of the models we tested.

Depending on how hard you smash the panel, it is possible that it will crack from the inside.


The packaging for the television is specifically designed to keep the set upright, just as it would be at home. after it has been unpacked and placed on a shelf like it was meant to be.

To avoid speed bumps, potholes, and other difficulties when traveling, pack a load of those shipping air packages and cushions with you to try to absorb the shocks and avoid them.

Make the decision to pull it out of the box if you have no other option and the box fits, or if you are completely insane and want to.

What I’d like to know is what the horizontal dimension of the trunk is in terms of its potential to be properly fitted. In my memory, the standard box size is 56-58 inches in length. Are you unsure if a 43-inch or 65-inch television will fit? I’ve also spoken about them.

When I received a score of 57.3, I declared myself “persuaded.” Therefore, it will not be able to pass muster. Yes, it is possible that you may need to drive over the television several times before it will turn on inside the house.

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