No, a 75-inch TV will not fit in a Honda Accord as there are not enough rooms in a Honda Accord to set up a TV of 75-inch. The width of a 75-inch is 166.1 cm and the height is 93.5 so with this measurement it is not possible to fit a 75-inch TV in a Honda Accord.

Also, along with the TV, the packaging also takes some space. If the TV is 75-inch then along with the packaging the diameter becomes at least 77-78inch. This is the reason, it becomes impossible to fit a 75-inch TV within the space inside the Honda Accord.

Now, sometimes people apply some unique tricks and somehow manage to fit the TV. This is really a dangerous step to take as the place becomes too congested.

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Being a car user, I have experience of carrying TV in many cars. So, with my experience with Honda Accord, it is not possible to fit a 75-inch TV.

But there are people who forcefully try to fit a 75-inch car in a Honda Accord. Now, trying this will never give you success but bring damage to the TV.

It is not even possible to fit the Tv by folding the car seats because there is not enough space. Folding the car’s seats will not be of any help.

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So, it is wise to hire a van rather than trying to fit a 75-inch TV in a Honda Accord. In the case of a minivan, it is safe to carry a 75-inch TV by folding the car seats.

Now, the weight of the TV might also be a matter of concern as buying a 75-inch TV is not a joke. You might think that to carry a 75-inch TV you need to hire many people.

But this is not the case because nowadays modern LED TVs are lightweight and easy to carry. So, you do not have to worry about carrying the TV as the weight of the TV will not cause any trouble.

Now, a 75-inch TV does not fit, does this mean that a 60-inch TV will also not fit in the Honda Accord? Well, there are some ways that will make you fit a 60-inch TV in a Honda Accord. We will talk about this matter in a short amount of time.

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