Yes, with the desire of fitting a TV in Honda CRV, many CRV users often ask will a 55inch TV fin in this car or not. The simple answer is yes as this car has the arrangement for a 55- inch TV to fit in. Honda CRV was manufactured with plenty of space in it and this is why one can easily fit a 55-inch TV in this car.

Now, moving towards the topic of the fitting of a 55-inch in CRV. The question might arise as that how it will fit into your Honda CRV and does it have enough space or not. Well, Honda CRV is enough spacious to have a 55-inch TV inside it, and with the flat screen, it is quite easy to fit the TV.

will-a-5- inch-tv- fit-in-a-honda-crv

There is a cargo tray that remains attached to the front seats of the Honda CRV. The flat surface of the cargo tray helps the TV to stay stable while the car is moving.

Now, the problem arises with the weight of the TV as a 55-inch TV does not weigh that much. So, there is a possibility that the TV will slide off a bit when the car will go through a bumpy road. But due to different manufacturing designs of TV, this possibility does not go with all kinds of TV.

So, the question arises that what type of 55-inch TV one should buy for the Honda CRV. It is wise to buy a TV that is anchored because an unanchored one has the tendency to slide off from the cargo tray. Similarly, you want to know what will happen to a 65 inch tv, 70 inch tv and a 75 inch tv. Check the links.

But there is nothing to worry about because this problem occurs due to the lightweight of the TV and you can solve this problem. Even if you buy an unanchored one then you can just put a blanket to reduce the movement.

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