The whole article will explain the S and L function in the gear of the Honda Civic to clear out your confusion. If I want to explain this in a simple way then S stands for second and L means low. Now, did you get anything? I know there are still many questions as just knowing the direct meaning cannot clear out any confusion.

Honda Civic, is a series of cars that were manufactured nearly after 25 years of the foundation of the Honda company. The cars of this series have a lot of automated functions and among them, S and I are the most questioned ones. People often ask what do S and L means in Honda Civic as they are not known to the function of the gear.

An interesting fact that you might want to know about Honda Civic is that this series was not known as a compact car from the very beginning. Later after 2000, Honda Civic got recognition as a compact car, and before that, it used to fall under subcompact class.

Now, let us cut to the chase and explain what does S and L does to the gear of the Honda Civic. Generally, in Honda Civic, the S gear stands for the sports mode where the car gets an acceleration and becomes fast. On the other hand, the L in the drive gear stands for Low which indicates higher torque with a strong engine to ride up on hilly areas.

What does S mean on Gear Shift Honda Civic?

We have already known the information that the S on the gear of Honda Civic means Sports mode. Now, what does this sports mode mean and why is it needed in a vehicle. From the name sports mode, you might think that this car was maybe made for sports purposes. But there are other benefits that the S gear will bring to you other than being a sports vehicle.

The sports mode will bring you a huge comfort while you are driving on rough terrain. We all know that it is not that easy to control and drive a car when the road has many ups and downs. It is quite a hassle to drive on those roads and this is why the Honda Civic came up with the S gear mode.

Now, how does this S  on the gear shift actually work and how is it beneficial? You might think that how this S mode is putting an impact while driving and giving the driver a comfortable drive. The answer hides in the engine as the S on gear shift helps in giving a better braking ability to the engine.

For better brake through the rough roads and to get a smooth acceleration, the Honda Civic has the sports mode on the gear shift. When you are running through hills with your car, you will need good acceleration along with a better brake. So, to go up on the high roads, the S gear of the Honda Civic will give you comfortable driving.

What does L mean on Gear Shift Honda Civic?

You already that the L stands for low but there are further details that one should know about the L of the gear shift. This L mode of the gear also helps in running the car to high inclines without any risk. Also, it controls the car to go down the slippery hills by increasing the elevation.

While running through the hilly roads with the car, it is not easy to control the car as it is hard to keep the balance. Now, this L which means low gear shift helps in controlling the car with higher torque and a better engine. This also keeps up adding elevation when the car goes down the hilly highway.


Manufacturing cars with great ideas for the purpose of comfortable and safe driving, Honda has always been a top automobile company. The common question of what do S and L means in Honda Civic arises as people are unfamiliar with these two modes of the gear shift. I hope that this article will help in resolving this common confusion by explaining the modes in a simple way.

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