Yes, it is possible to fit a 60-inch TV in a Honda Accord without any hassle. Most of us think that it is not possible to fit a TV more than 55-inch in Honda Accords. But this concept is wrong because we can easily fit a 60-inch TV by folding the back seats of the car.

Earlier people never thought of carrying a 60-inch TV in a car as there was no such thing as LED or flat-screen TV.


But now, as the shape of the TV changed and become lightweight, people can fit a 60-inch TV on a Honda Accord.

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Who does not like to watch on a bigger screen, right? So, along with the advancement in the manufacturing of TV, the automobile area also got developed.

The car seats got more spacious and the seats also became more flexible than earlier. So, it is now possible to carry a 60-inch flat-screen TV in a Honda Accord.

All you have to do is lean the car seats in a forward position and fold them to make more space. Also, placing the TV in the vertical position will clear up more space and keep the TV safe from road bumps.

Now, along with the topic of fitting a 60-inch TV in a Honda Accord, the topic of fitting a 70-inch TV also comes into mind.

As you already know that Honda Accords have enough space for a 55-inch TV but by following certain techniques we can also fit a 60-inch TV in a Honda Accord.

We can also fit a 60-inch TV in the trunk of the Honda Accord but we have to be more careful while fitting it in the car. It is a safe option to wrap up the TV with a bubble wrapper and put blankets around the TV.

This will save the TV from the damages that might cause due to road bumps.

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