1. Yes, it is possible for a 50-inch TV to fit in a Honda accord and we can carry it both in the trunk and the seats of the car. The trunk and the back seats of the Honda Accord has enough space to carry a 55-inch TV of any brand. So, if you have a Honda Accord and want to carry a flat-screen LED TV inside it then why not use your car to save money.

Now, the question that often pops up in mind is the safety of both the TV and the car. There is less possibility of the car getting damaged but one cannot guarantee the safety of the TV.

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This is why one needs to be careful enough while fitting a 50-inch TV in a Honda Accord. The road bumps might stress you out if you do not follow the safety measure in a proper way.


When the matter comes to fitting a 50-inch TV in Honda Accord then there are certain safety measures that we can follow.

Firstly, instead of laying down the TV on the ground, we can fit the TV in the upright position. This method will ensure the safety of the glass and will avoid damaging the screen from road bumps.

We also have to do the packaging in the right manner. And along with packaging, it is safe to wrap the TV with blankets so that the road bumps do not get dangerous for the 50-inch TV.

Now, you might think that if a 50-inch TV has to go through so many safety measures then is it safe to carry a 75-inch TV or not. One might have many questions regarding this but there is nothing to worry about as we are here to clear out your queries.

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