No, a 70 inch TV will not fit in a Honda Accord due to the lack of space in the car. It is obvious that a 70 inch TV will need more space than a 60-inch TV. Sometimes people somehow manage to fit a 70-inch TV in Honda Accords but it is totally not safe.

Along with the TV, there are some other things that cover up the space of the car. So, even if a 70-inch TV can fit without the packaging, it will not be possible to fit with the packaging.

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That means without the package and blankets we might be able to fit the TV in Honda Accords. But we might lose our valuable TV in the way of carrying it in our home.


Besides knowing about the fit of a 70-inch TV, are you also interested in knowing about the fitting of a 60-inch TV in a Honda Accord?

Do not worry as we have already discussed that. As a Honda Accord user, I already have experience of carrying TV of various sizes.

Now, my experience in this field says that no one has ever succeeded in carrying a 70-inch TV in a Honda Accord. It will be wise if you take a measuring tape and calculate the ratio of your TV with the car space.

Now, what should we do if we are Honda Accord users and want to buy a 70-inch TV? Well, there is nothing to worry about because we can easily carry a 70-inch TV in a van, SUV, or in pick-up truck. These are the safest option to carry a 70-inch TV as these cars are spacious and can carry the TV without causing any damage.

So, we can enjoy buying a 70-inch TV for your house without getting worried about carrying it in a car. A 70-inch TV might not fit in Honda Accord but there are other cars that will be a great help to you.

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