Yes, we can easily fit a 75-inch TV in a Honda Odyssey as the car is spacious enough to have seats for 8 people. Among all the car models from the Honda company, Odyssey is one of the most demanding minivans. Due to having enough space inside the car, we can safely carry a 75-inch TV without causing any trouble.

Nowadays people are now interested in buying big-screen TVs that are quite expensive. As they are expensive, we always think of ways to save the carrying charge of the TV.

So, the Honda Odyssey users are curious to know whether the 75-inch TV will fit in their car or not.

So, the good news is that a Honda Odyssey can easily carry a 75-inch TV that lessens the burden of the carrying charge of the TV.


There are many other things that also come to our mind as carrying a big 75-inch TV is not a joke.

The first thing that comes to mind is the safety of the TV because modern TVs are lightweight and have wide glass screens. So, there is a higher risk of causing damage if the TV is not carried in a proper way.

Do you want to compare between a 65-inch and a 75-inch TV?  We have discussed it as this comparison between 64 inch and 75 inch TV might help you.

But there is nothing to worry about because the Honda Odyssey has enough space that minimize the risk of damaging the TV from road bumps.

By folding the seats of the third row of the Honda Odyssey we can easily fit the 75-inch TV. Folding the seats clears up space and it becomes easy to fit the TV by taking space from two consecutive rows.

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