Yes, I can easily fit  65 inch TV in a Honda Accord and carry it from the store. People always try to save money and they never miss the chance when they get the option to save money. This is why the topic comes to mind, can a 65 inch TV fit in a Honda Accord or not. I preferred to carry the 65-inch TV in my Honda Accord rather than hiring a van for it.

I was confused with the space in my Honda Accord and was afraid to carry a 65-inch TV in it. However, I was able to set aside my fear and give it a try. And guess what?

I was able to fit a 65-inch Tv in my Honda Accord and the experience of fitting the TV was effortless.


Now, are you interested in a 55-inch TV and thinking of fitting it in your Honda Accord? Then through this article, you will be acquainted with the idea of fitting a 55-inch TV in a Honda Accord.

Sometimes when we think of carrying a TV in a Honda Accord there are certain things that come into our mind.

For example, we become concerned about “delamination” as this might cause a problem. But we could avoid this if we lay down the TV in a sideways position.

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Carrying a TV in a car depends on the size of car storage, according to the size of the Accord- you can easily carry a 65 inch TV. So, stay tension free and have faith in your car space here.

Well, a 65-inch TV will easily fit in a Honda Accord but you have to be careful about the road bumps. It is important that we drive safely while carrying a 65-inch Honda Accord.

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