Yes, we can easily fit a 55-inch TV in a Honda Accord as the trunk of this car has enough space. As the car has enough space that does not mean that we can carry the TV without the proper presentation. Enough carefulness and attention are needed to fit a 55-inch TV in a Honda Accord so that no damage is caused to the expensive TV.

One has to be careful while fitting the TV in the Honda Accord. The diameter 55 inches and 50 inches is quite close and in this article, you will also find out information about fitting a 50-inch TV as well.

Now, we have to be aware of the packaging of the TV as proper packaging saves the TV from getting damaged.


I already have the experience of fitting a 55-inch TV in a Honda Accord and I was successful in carrying the TV without any damage.

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People might think that it is not safe to carry a TV in a Honda Accord as the car looks small from outside. But believe me or not, the space inside the Accord is spacious enough to carry a 55-inch TV.

Now, let me talk about the safety measures that one can take to avoid damaging the 55-inch TV. It is safe to do double packaging with a bubble wrapper as it saves the TV glass from cracking.

Then the next step that will save from road bumps damage is setting up blankets and cushions around the TV.

Because you never know what kind of rough road bumps you are going to face. That is why  I always prefer to be extra safe when I carry a 55-inch TV in my Honda Accord.

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