The power steering fluid helps us to control our heavy & fast-moving Hondas. So it is absolutely necessary to use a proper power steering fluid.

Then the real question stands, do I have to use Honda power steering fluid? The straight cut answer is-

YES, YOU DO. It is best & safest if you use the original Honda Power Steering Fluid. For the perfect use of the power steering system & to keep the other components in the best hands, use the Honda power steering fluid. Otherwise, it will damage the pump slowly & cost you in the long run.


I assure you that you’ll find everything you need to know about the fluid. I shall discuss the reasons & other valuable information about the Honda specific power steering fluid. Not only that, you’ll get to know about other power steering fluids as well.

So, let’s start the engine & get to it!

Do I Have To Use Honda Power Steering Fluid

Like I said earlier, yes you should. This fluid is different from the other fluids. It is a perfect match for the steering pump or rack on our Honda vehicles.

Many people think that the company specifically suggests this product for more sales & more money. But it is not like that at all.

The genuine Honda Power steering fluid was developed back in the early 90’s & it uses a completely different weight & formula.

I have been using this fluid for almost a decade right now. And my Honda power steering pump hasn’t faced a single problem. For transmission of oil, power steering, Brake oil this fluid works perfectly.

You can use other power steering fluids which are specifically made for Hondas. But according to my in-depth research, there have been different leakage problems & they also affect the lifespan of the racks.

That is why I suggest you take all things into consideration and use it. Besides, the price is almost the same, so you have nothing to lose.

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Does Honda Recommend Power Steering Fluid Change

The power steering fluid change process includes draining the contaminated & bad fluid. Then replacing it completely with new fluid.

No, Honda does not recommend Power steering fluid change at all. In fact, changing it isn’t actually necessary. Check the owner’s manual & you’ll find out that Honda hasn’t recommended you to do so.

It is simply a way of earning more money for the car service provider. So even if you’re suggested to do so. Or perhaps you’re told something like “You immediately need to change the power steering fluid”, check what the carmaker tells you to do.

That is why you might face different kinds of power steering problems. But trust me, this isn’t the procedure you need to follow.

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What Color should Honda Power Steering Fluid Be

The normal power steering fluid color varies from vehicle to vehicle. However, mostly it is between three colors such as:

  1. Red
  2. Pink
  3. Golden

But no matter which color the fluid is, if it is turning black or brown, you should think deeply about it.

While most of the manufacturers keep their power steering fluid red, Honda is different. The Honda power steering fluid has a gold color. It looks like oil.

So if your Honda power steering fluid looks like oil, you’re doing just fine. There’s nothing to worry about.

But, nothing comes with unlimited good. So, I hope not, but your fluid might turn out black or brown. It usually means that the fluid is contaminated.

So check the PS fluid, if you find it in the usual color you should not have any problems. On the other hand, if it is brown or black, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

What happens if You Do Not use Honda Power Steering Fluid

Here comes one of the most common questions. If you do not use the Genuine Honda power steering fluid, then I’m afraid you are slowly killing the entire PS system.

There are other brands that call themselves suitable for Hondas. And if you are not using the Honda PS fluid, you are using other ones. But, they are not perfectly suited. The parts & other components will sooner or later face different problems. In fact, it can cost you the entire pump.

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What Happens if You use the Wrong Power Steering Fluid in a Honda

 Let’s get straight to the picture, here’s what will happen: 

  1. If you use the wrong PS fluid, it will definitely damage the power steering pump. 
  2. The sensitive components won’t work well in the future. 
  3. Moreover, using different types of steering fluid won’t match with requirements such as additives, detergent viscosity etc.

Different kinds of cars ask for different requirements. Honda models have their own specifications & want the perfect power steering fluid. So using the wrong one will definitely leave a scratch on our favorite vehicle.

Again, wrong power steering usage won’t meet the significant standards. If you face the worst-case scenario, it might even cause you brake failure as well.

So, read the owner’s manual. Get to know your vehicle properly. Use the perfectly suitable Honda power steering fluid in your vehicle.

What Power Steering Fluid can I use in Honda?

Other than the original Honda ones, there is multiple power steering fluid that can be used in Honda. But using the original one should be your choice according to us.

You can use the Idemitsu PSF Universal power steering fluid in your Honda. You can also use the Lucas power steering fluid in Honda as well.

Can you use Prestone Power steering Fluid Honda? Well, The Prestone power steering fluid is suitable for different kinds of Asian vehicles. The manufacturers engineered this for different brands such as Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Acura etc.

So if you cannot get the genuine Honda Power Steering Fluid in any way possible, only then you can think of using it.

Then again, the original Honda power steering fluid is available in most places. Also, the price difference isn’t that much either. So try to go for the best option.

Final Thought

The Honda power steering fluid is specially made for Hondas.  And it has its own specialities & features. The fluid won’t cost you that much but will get the job done perfectly. That is why Honda recommends we use it. So do you have to use Honda Power Steering Fluid? I hope you are answering positively.

If you use other brands, it might cost you the entire pump in the future. So you might think that you are saving a couple of dollars, but it might cost you very big in the future.

Cars become a part of us. We love them & want to keep them in the best shape. And the power steering system is one of the most important parts of our Hondas. So, use the best one, keep the system just like brand new and enjoy the ride.

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