A few days ago, I received an inbox: What is the best Honda prelude exhaust system?

I am having a hard time figuring out the best exhaust system for Honda Prelude!

I thought that when someone asked this question, there might be lots of people who got the same question. And that’s why I decided to dedicate a whole content to the best Honda Prelude exhaust system.

Throughout the article, I will provide not only give you a list of the best exhausts but also a detailed buyers guide so that you can take an educated decision.

So, if you are curious to learn them, let’s get started.

best exhaust system for honda prelude

At a Glance Product List

Image Product Details Price
backpac Skunk2 Racing Manufacturer: Skunk2
Item weight: 1 pound
Pipe diameter: 76mm
Fit Type: 1997-2001
Material: Stainless Steel

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backpac 4 Inches Muffler Manufacturer: ‎Auto Dynasty
Item weight: 24.5 pounds
Package dimension: ‎43 x 18 x 8 inches
Fit type: Honda Prelude BB H22 H23 92-96
Material: High-quality T-304 stainless.
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backpac DNA Motoring Manufacturer: DNA Motoring
Item weight: ‎‎22.9 pounds
Package dimension: 43.5*17.7*7.7 inches
Fit type: 92-96 Honda Prelude
Material: T-304 Stainless steel
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backpac SRS Catback Manufacturer name: ‎SR*S Tuning
Fit type: 1997-2001 Honda Prelude SH
Piping: 2.5 inch
Material: Stainless steel
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backpac Invidia HS97HP1G3T Manufacturer name: Invidia
Item weight: ‎38 pounds
Package dimension: 2.756 in.
Fit type: Honda Prelude: 1997-2001
Material: SUS304 polished stainless steel
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backpac Yonaka 2.5″ Manufacturer: ‎Yonaka Motorsports
Item Weight: ‎29 pounds
Product dimensions: ‎50 x 12 x 14 inches
Fit: Honda Prelude 1997-2001
Material: Stainless steel exhaust tip
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Are You In Hurry? Then These Are For You! 

Buyer’s Guide For Choosing The Best Exhaust System For Honda Prelude

Before sharing the best exhaust system for the Honda Prelude, I will share a buyer guide so that you can make an educated decision to pick the exhaust system best for you.

Exhaust Systems: What Do They Do?

A vehicle’s exhaust system may have a different layout based on its make and model, but all work in a similar manner.

There are three primary functions of your exhaust system:


  1. Putting as much of the nasty gases (exhaust fumes) away from passengers as possible by pushing them through the back pipe.
  2. Protecting passengers and passersby from the constant stream of explosions that occur as part of the fuel-burning process by shielding them from the noise.
  3. Reducing the toxicity of the chemical cocktail that is produced when fuel is burned.

Therefore, if you were to travel in a vehicle without an exhaust system, you would not only be extremely noisy, but also very dangerous.

Now that you know how an exhaust system works, you should know how different parts of it can influence its quality so that you can take a data-driven purchase.

Let’s get to know them.

  • Muffler Types

While most speed freaks view mufflers as essential evils, they’re not necessary hindrances to performance.

A typical OEM muffler reduces noise by forcing exhaust gases to pass through a series of chambers, perforated tubing, and tight bends, mostly relying on the slowing of exhaust gases.

In the heyday of hot rodding, there was only one alternative to a wide-open exhaust, which was a glass pack.

Most packed mufflers are straight-through designs – an inner perforated or louvered tube is wrapped with a synthetic material like fiberglass matt and then surrounded by an outer can.

To dampen the sound, these mufflers rely on the insulative properties of the packing, but these packings are known to deteriorate over time.

The newest mufflers on the market use reflective sound technology. Noise-canceling technology used in headphones allows these mufflers to fight the specific wavelength and amplitude of unwanted sound waves.

It means the exhaust gas flow is not restricted by the internals of the muffler, which is essentially a straight pipe with few holes.

Last but not least, the tunable disc type muffler has been pioneered by one company – Supertrapp – and is one of the simplest and most unique.

These systems utilize a stack of steel discs that nest with one another but allow gases to escape between them. To alter the mix, discs can be added or removed from the stack.

  • Size

Sizing is one of the first things to consider when building or purchasing a performance exhaust. Since tube length and diameter directly influence how the final system influences the engine and exhaust note, as in all racing applications, the form should follow function and be informed by it.

Increasing velocity and scavenging through a smaller tube will result in good throttle response and mid-range to low-end power. Depending on the engine configuration, as the tubing diameter increases, the velocity may drop, but the flow will improve at high RPMs, meaning the peak power number will increase. Scavenging is dependent on the cross-sectional area of tubing.

As important as the diameter of the primary tubes is the length of the tubes. When you extend or pull a trombone slide, you change the pitch of the note. Similarly, a long primary tube will have characteristics similar to those of a small diameter tube, while a short primary tube will be similar to one of a large diameter.

In general, the primary length should be chosen to approximate the diameter of the exhaust valve as close as possible. In this way, the velocity will not suddenly fall as the volume increases from the head port to the exhaust tube – after a distance of at least one foot, it is normal to increase the diameter.

  • Catalytic converter

Between the manifold and the silencer, the catalytic converter cleans the gases produced by the engine of their harmful components. The catalyst is the central part of the system.

So, when choosing an exhaust you should seek if that has this feature.

You can read also:

1. Skunk2 Racing MegaPower Exhaust System

Skunk2 megapower exhaust prelude

A properly designed exhaust system is critical to engine performance. Skunk2’s 60mm MegaPower Exhaust system for the ’97-’01 Prelude was developed with this in mind and is based on more than 15 years’ worth of racing experience.

The exhaust is dyno-proven for maximum horsepower. MegaPower cat-back systems are constructed of T-304 stainless steel, are robotically TIG welded, and feature CNC mandrel bends for a precise fit.

Featuring Japanese-spec, Super N1 styling, MegaPower Exhaust systems generate more horsepower by optimizing engine airflow and volume through carefully selected, application-specific tubing lengths and diameters and increased wave scavenging effects for more horsepower.

CNC mandrel bending allows for a constant tubing diameter throughout the bend, which results in precise fitment as well as improved exhaust gas flow.

The sound quality has been improved thanks to the larger piping diameter. It is very lightweight which makes it easy to install. This exhaust system will have an improved throttle response due to the lower backpressure. You can also expect better handling and power delivery. Lastly, this exhaust system is much quieter and easier to install.

The exhaust system is designed to be in line with the stock muffler. It is clear-coated at the inner and outer exhaust and designed with the same quality as the Skunk2 Racing MegaPower Exhaust Systems.

It is made with the highest quality materials and hardware which is designed to improve the performance and durability of the exhaust system.

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: Skunk2
  • Item weight: 1 pound


  • Pipe diameter: 76mm
  • Fit Type: 1997-2001

Technical Specification

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Serialized MegaPower nameplate
  • Removable silencer and hardware included
  • Bolt-on-system
  • Polished Stainless Steel Dual Race Mufflers with 100mm (4-inch) tips



  • Durability And Service Life: The Skunk2 megaPower exhaust system is made of TIG-welded T-304 stainless steel. TIG welding means the metal would be more precise, sharp, durable producing a high-quality weld.

The stainless steel is also CNC mandrel bent which prevents flattening and prevents wrinkles and kinks during the bending process. That said, the build quality and durability of this type of exhaust are up to the mark.

Skunk2 provides 12 months of warranty, but it’s merely just a warranty period, the service life can easily go far beyond that. Durability is a vital feature and the Skunk2 megapower exhaust completely fulfills that.

  • Gas Flow And Performance: The main job of an exhaust system is to eject the harmful gas produced in the combustion process. And, before buying any exhaust system you should make sure how well gas flows.

Skunk2 megapower exhaust comes with improved gas flow functionality thanks to its improved throttle response. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the main function of an exhaust is to evacuate the harmful gas from the engine produced in the combustion process.

So, a smooth gas flow is crucial for performance. Also, there are lots of other factors that contribute to exhaust performance. But, those directly or indirectly affect gas flow.

  • Fuel economy: Fuel economy is a measurement of distance travelled and fuel consumption for an automobile. The simplest unit of fuel economy is mileage. Mileage is how much a vehicle can travel in one liter of fuel.

If the mileage of the vehicle is high, fuel economy would be said well if not would be considered as bad. Fuel economy directly affects the purchase decision of a car thus it has been a key feature despite directly affecting car performance.

Car manufacturers emphasize it to improve as much as they do on improving performance. Thanks to Shunk2’s improved airflow system, lightweight and low-restriction racing muffler which makes sure uninterrupted flow ensures increased gas mileage and better fuel economy.

  • Superior sound quality: As exhaust systems produce sound in cars, this inherent feature can’t be underestimated. A group of people like loud sounds, while others don’t like them.

But, in general, deep, quiet and loud is considered great.Mufflers in the exhaust dampen sounds and increase fuel efficiency.

Shunk2 Racing’s megapower exhaust silencer also does a good job. Although I can’t say the sound quality is best, I would rather say better than any other exhaust in this same price range. 

  • Installation: Skunk2 racing megapower is comparatively easy to install. And, upon my research, I have not found any users claiming it’s hard to install.


  • Better sound.
  • Better performance at a budget price.
  • Better mileage.
  • Easy to install.


  • The sound quality is not the best.
  • Not welded well.

FAQ for Skunk2 Racing MegaPower

Question: This exhaust system is for the base model not for SH. Many people are confused whether this model will fit civic ex 2015 or not?

Answer: This exhaust only fits the 1997-2001 Honda Prelude base models.

2. 4 Inches Muffler Round Tip Catback Exhaust System


The 4 Inches Muffler Round Tip Catback Exhaust System is a budget-friendly upgrade for Honda Prelude owners looking to improve their exhaust system.

This exhaust provides an improvement in horsepower and torque compared to stock.

It comes with a kit that includes everything you need, so it should take less than two hours for installation.

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: ‎Auto Dynasty
  • Item weight: 24.5 pounds
  • Color: Round Tip


  • Package dimension: ‎43 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Fit type: Honda Prelude BB H22 H23 92-96

Technical specification

  • High-quality T-304 stainless.
  • Tig welded CNC machine flange.



  • Durability And Service Life: The 4 inches Muffler Round Tip Catback Exhaust System is made of high-quality T-304 stainless steel. And, you will be glad to know that T-304 stainless steel is the highest quality steel that is used on car exhaust.

Not only that, but this exhaust also offers TIG welded CNC machine flange. TIG-welded machine flange is a good resistance to pressure and corrosion.

So, you see in terms of durability no questions can be asked for this exhaust system. As the durability of the exhaust is robust, therefore the longevity would also be. 

  • Installation: Installation is one of the key requirements DIY people, in fact, nowadays most car owners seek for.

If the installation is very hard, most likely they avoid the exhaust simply because they themselves mightn’t install it single-handedly or due to the complexity of the process.

To cut the long story short, the installation process of the exhaust system is not easy.

  • Horsepower And Extra Torque: This is a dyno-proven exhaust system that instantly increases 15 to 25 horsepower or low-end torque.

Another important thing is this exhaust system is built with a Catback system which is famous for enhancing horsepower and helping free up the trapped torque.

  • Fuel economy: The better the fuel economy, the lower its fuel intake would be. If the fuel efficiency of an engine is good, the fuel consumption will be lower.

Dyno-proven Catback engine ensures better fuel efficiency ensures higher fuel economy.

  • Sound Quality: There are no car owners but they don’t like deep aggressive sounds. I bet you are also not different from this.

You won’t have to worry if you buy this exhaust. Because this exhaust provides an excellent sound with a deep, aggressive throaty tone thanks to its unique muffler design, which has a good effect on muffler sound. This muffler is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a good sound effect.


  • Provides excellent sound.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy to install.


  • Non-CARB Compliant, so you can’t use it legally in California emission models.
  • Doesn’t come with installation kits.
  • Doesn’t offer a catalytic converter.

FAQ for Auto Dynasty

This exhaust system doesn’t come with any hardware like nuts and bolts for installation. And, the exhaust fits the Honda prelude 1992-1996 model.

3. DNA Motoring Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System


DNA Motoring Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System is made of stainless steel and mandrel-bent tubing with a lifetime warranty.

The DNA Motoring CBE-HP92 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System is perfect for the driver looking to upgrade their exhaust system while also saving money.

This exhaust system includes a resonator and four silencer tips, ensuring that even cruising speeds sound free of any drone. The installation is extremely easy with all necessary mounting hardware included in the box.

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: DNA Motoring
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item weight: ‎‎22.9 pounds


  • Package dimension: 43.5*17.7*7.7 inches
  • Fit type: 92-96 Honda Prelude
  • Style: Round

Technical specification

  • TIG-welded CNC machine flange
  • Material: T-304 Stainless steel
  • Flange: TIG welded CNC machine
  • Muffler tip type: dual-path rounded tip
  • Tip diameter (in): 4.5″


  • Durability: DNA motoring exhaust is built on high-quality construction. It’s made of high-quality T-304 Stainless Steel.

You may be wondering what the heck T-304 stainless steel is. Well, let’s have a look at the features.

  1. Provides an ultimate tensile strength
  2. Highly durable
  3. Air-craft quality
  4. Never rust
  5. High corrosion resistant
  6. Easy formability and fabrication.
  7. Recyclable

Most importantly for exhaust systems, 304 stainless steel is the highest quality material.

Also, it has got computerized Mandrel-Bends which ensure strength and durability So, in terms of durability, this exhaust system is beyond any question.

  • Gas Flow And Performance: DNA motoring exhaust ensures smooth exhaust gas flow while maintaining a reduced back pressure for increased horsepower and torque. This also improves engine performance.
  • Horsepower And Extra Torque: The dyno-proven engine increases 15 to  25 horsepower or low-end torque as soon as the engine starts. Most importantly, this exhaust uses catback which increases horsepower, torque, and MPG.
  • Fuel Economy: The exhaust system can influence fuel economy by affecting fuel efficiency. When fuel efficiency is high, automatically fuel consumption would be low and mileage would be high.

A Catback system and low-restriction muffler can increase fuel efficiency. The DNA motoring exhaust system has both. So, this exhaust increases fuel economy.

  • Sound Quality: Thanks to a large diameter pipe, a Catback system, and a low-restriction muffler this exhaust produces a louder and more aggressive sound. And, the tuned resonator of the exhaust system takes this sound to the next level.


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy Installation
  • Fits well
  • Good price


  • Bad sound quality
  • It’s way too loud in my opinion but has a deep sound.
  • The manufacturer suggests getting professional assistance to install.

Many people ask if this exhaust is easy to use. The answer is yes, definitely easy to use and this claim is backed up by lots of users.

4. SRS Catback Exhaust System

SRS catback exhaust system honda prelude

With piping of 2.5 inches and a tip of 4.5 inches, Japanese designed SR*S Catback exhausts are made with T-304 stainless steel, CNC machine flanges, and mandrel bent, with a polish finish for the best possible looks and performance.

This guarantees to have a deep throaty, smooth and clean sound.

SRS requires no welding and promises good fitment with direct bolt-on and easy installation.

This SRS Catback is compatible with 97-01 Honda Prelude.

Product specification

  • Manufacturer name: ‎SR*S Tuning
  • Fit type: 1997-2001 Honda Prelude SH
  • Piping: 2.5 inch
  • Tip: 4.5 inch

Technical specification

  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • Stainless steel
  • CNC machine flanges


  • Durability and Performance: The exhaust system is made of T-304 stainless steel. Usually, every class of stainless steel is durable more or less. But, T-304 is the highest class usable in the exhaust. So, no scope to ask questions about its built quality.

This exhaust is also a bolt-on design and when a product is designed, it is always done keeping performance back in mind.

The tubing bent for this exhaust is called mandrel bending. What the heck is mandrel bending?

Mandrel bending is a tubing design that enhances airflow in the exhaust system and improves performance. Mandrels also prevent tubes from flattening and allow bends to be made without wrinkles or kinks.

Not only that, but this exhaust also offers TIG welded CNC machine flange. TIG-welded machine flange is a good resistance to pressure and corrosion.

  • Fuel economy: Fuel economy can be affected by the exhaust system by affecting fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency increases mileage and fuel consumption is low automatically if fuel efficiency is high.

A Catback system can increase fuel efficiency. SRS Catback Exhaust System got Catback system. Hence, this exhaust increases fuel economy. 

  • Horsepower and Extra-torque: The exhaust system is made of a Catback system which is famous for enhancing horsepower and helping free up trapped torque.

The Catback system increases airflow which minimizes the load on the engine and reduces the effort by eliminating exhaust fumes.

But, Unfortunately, this exhaust doesn’t provide extra torque. 

  • Installation: SRS Catback Exhaust System Compatible is very easy to install in comparison to others.

Also, it requires no welding, and we ensure good fitment with direct bolt-on and ease of installation.

Besides the exhaust comes with all bolts, gaskets, and a removable silencer.

  • Sound Quality: SRS exhaust system delivers excellent sound. ‎SRS Tuning promises a guaranteed smooth, deep, and throaty sound. In fact, the sound quality is as good as they promised.

If you are especially obsessed with sound quality, this exhaust might be the perfect system.


  • Easy to install.
  • Bolt-on design.
  • Catback system offers superior performance.
  • Sounds great.
  • Comes with installation kits.
  • Comes with a silencer.
  • Reasonable price.


  • No features for enhancing fuel economy.
  • Doesn’t offer a catalytic converter.

This exhaust system comes with all relevant bolts and gaskets. Even a silencer also comes with it. The exhaust fits both sh and non-sh models.

5. Invidia (HS97HP1G3T) Q300 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Invidia HS97HP1G3T Exhaust

The Invidia Q300 Titanium cat-back exhaust system with rolled tip is designed for maximum power output while maintaining the highest sound quality.

The flat bottom-shaped muffler design improves high-speed aerodynamic performance while also reducing back pressure, which improves engine efficiency.

The Invidia Q300 Titanium exhaust system contains an internal stainless steel mesh tube to reduce noise levels and improve sound quality.

Product specification

  • Manufacturer name: Invidia
  • Item weight: ‎38 pounds


  • Tip size: 110 diameter
  • Fit type: Honda Prelude: 1997-2001
  • Piping Diameter: 70 millimetres

Technical specification

  • The flat bottom shaped muffler design
  • CNC machine made flange
  • Robot TIG welding
  • Double-wall polished stainless steel
  • Titanium tips


  • Durability and performance: The exhaust is made of stainless steel. It uses SUS304 stainless steel for piping. Mandrel-bent tubing shape and CNC machined flange and TIG welding are ensured for long durability and performance.

The continuous piping design of the muffler enables free airflow that optimizes backpressure which gives the vehicle better horsepower.

  • Fuel economy: If an engine can increase fuel efficiency by optimizing machine function, fuel economy increases automatically. This exhaust system utilizes a Catback system which increases fuel efficiency.

Also, the continuous piping-designed muffler and the use of advanced materials help improve fuel efficiency.

The better the fuel efficiency the better the fuel economy would be. So, in comparison to others, this exhaust is more reliable in terms of fuel economy or mileage.

  • A word of caution: The amount of correlation with fuel economy and exhaust system, not that much to sacrifice other features for solely on it.
  • Horsepower and extra torque: It offers an excellent free-flow exhaust with optimized back pressure, which results in more horsepower and torque. The muffler utilizes a continuous piping design and uses advanced materials for excellent free-flow exhaust.

With stainless steel piping made from SUS304 polished, mandrel-bent to shape, state-of-the-art CNC machine-made flanges, robotic TIG welding, and stainless steel or titanium double walls, these tips provide superb durability and appearance.

  • Sound quality: In exhaust, a good muffler can break or make the sound quality. As already mentioned this exhaust uses continuously designed piping which results in increased backpressures and ensures a deep, smooth, and throaty sound.

The larger the diameter, the deeper the sound would be. As the diameter of this exhaust is comparatively higher the tone would also be deep.

In fact, most users claim the sound quality this exhaust provides is far better than any other exhaust in this price range.


  • Catback exhaust.
  • Superior sound quality.
  • Polished design.
  • Trusted build quality.


  • Fit well on a non-SH prelude.
  • Doesn’t offer a catalytic converter.

Many users reported SRS Catback Exhaust System is also supported on a non-SH Catback exhaust system. This exhaust is also loud compared to other exhausts.

6. Yonaka 2.5″ Stainless Steel Performance Catback Exhaust

Yonaka Catback Exhaust for Honda Prelude

Yonaka 2.5″ performance Catback exhaust is made of stainless steel and compatible with Honda Prelude 1997-2001.

With the mandrel bent piping and stainless steel exhaust tip, it offers the highest performance.

As its direct bolt-ons fit OEM and come with the installation kit, you won’t have to face any adversity to install the exhaust.

Product specification

  • Manufacturer: ‎Yonaka Motorsports
  • Item Weight: ‎29 pounds


  • Product dimensions: ‎50 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Piping Diameter: 2.5″
  • Exhaust tip: 4.25″
  • Fit: Honda Prelude 1997-2001

Technical Specification

  • Direct bolt-on fit to OEM.
  • Mandrel bent piping.
  • Stainless steel exhaust tip.


  • Durability and performance: Yonaka 2.5″ Stainless Steel Performance Catback Exhaust is made of fully polished stainless steel. It also offers 2.5-inch OD mandrel bent piping, and a 4.25-inch tip.

Mandrel bending helps achieve an accurate architecture of the design. Mandrel bend pipe ensures minimal distortion and maximum flow.

  • Fuel economy: As it uses a Catback system, the exhaust increases fuel efficiency. Although, the muffler it uses is not that high in comparison to others that’s not a very big deal.
  • Sound Quality: This exhaust provides fairly good quality sounds. The sound is quiet, clean, and deep, without any annoying mid-range rasp.

But, if you’re solely looking for a great-sounding exhaust this is probably not for you as it sounds really loud especially when stepping on the gas.

  • Installation: Installing mechanical parts has never been so easy. So, if you are a DIY guy you had better know beforehand if the exhaust is easy to install.


  • Beautiful design and built quality.
  • Comes with installation kits.
  • Mandrel bent piping.
  • Catback system.


  • It won’t fit the SH model.
  • Sounds too loud.
  • The fitting might not be well.

Many people ask if this exhaust fits a Toyota Celica. The answer is no. It won’t fit any Toyota Celica model. Also, this exhaust won’t fit any Honda Prelude model other than the 1997-2001 model.

What’s Next?

As you’re here you have read along the way. From that sense, you already know the different features each of the six exhausts has to offer. You also learned the pros and cons of those which will surely help you make a rational purchase.

But, if you’re still unsure about which exhaust to choose, I’d like to recommend you two.

If want a low budget exhaust with superior performance buy this.

And, if you don’t care about the budget rather find the best exhaust that provides the highest performance, buy this.

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