You will not find the Honda diagnostic fee the same in all the cases as it varies depending on the service you take. The range of the fee depends on the model of the cars, types of the dealership, and service.

As a car user, you surely know that there is a need for regular checkups for your car. You do not need to do this on a daily basis because it is not every day that you face problems with your car.

But sometimes the car shows problems and does show the usual performance. This is when you find the necessity of taking your car to diagnosis and know about the Honda Diagnostic Fee.


Does Honda Charge a Diagnostic Fee?

Yes, Honda does charge a diagnostic fee and the amount of fee depends on the type of repairment you need. For example, you are facing a problem with the air conditioner of your car which is in need of repair. And let’s say that the model of your car is Honda Civic, so in this case, Honda might charge you a fee of $160.

Now, to be more specific, in order to diagnose the problem of your car, Honda will take charge. The charge will depend on the model that you are using and the service related to the problem of the car. But the whole scenario will be different in case you show any warranty.

Honda Diagnostic Fee Under Warranty

In the case of diagnostic fees under warranty, the system runs differently. You might sometimes not need to pay any fee if you have a warranty.

But there are some cases where you might need to pay an amount of money to diagnose your car under warranty.

Now the question arises that when should we pay the diagnostic fee even after having a warranty.

In most cases, if you could show that the problem that you are facing with your car falls under the warranty then there is no need of paying any fee.

But if your problem does not fall under the claim that you have charged for then you must pay the fee.

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Does Honda do Free Diagnostics?

Yes, there are some free diagnostic that you might get from Honda. People are now enjoying the free diagnostic services and praising Honda for initiating this step for the customers. Services like engine checks and some complimentary diagnoses are free under some conditions.

Sometimes you might have some issues with your car but you are not quite sure about what the problem is. After figuring out the issue, the initial vehicle diagnosis can be done free of charge, and sometimes Honda will give a free check-up for your engine also.

Another way to get a free diagnostic at Honda is by getting a free coupon. Sometimes, Honda supplies free coupons and with the help of this coupon, you might take the advantage of free diagnostic for your car.

How much is Honda Diagnostic

The diagnostic cost varies from car to car but Honda has estimated an average cost that is between $88 to $111. Within this estimated range you can get your work done from Honda. But the cost may also become lower or it might rise as per the service you need.

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How much is a Diagnostic Test at Honda Dealership

The average charge at a dealership usually starts from $50 to $100 and the charge changes depending on the type of dealer. The range might vary but it is common that most of the dealers will charge you within this range.

The diagnostic fee changes at the Honda dealership and the fee will vary as per the types of dealers. Honda dealership means that you will get your car repaired under Honda but not be with the direct contact of Honda.

The dealers will provide you with the genuine parts of Hinda to repair your car but they will charge the fee as per their policy.


It is a common scenario that your car needs repair either on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. For your cars from the Honda automobile brand, there is Honda diagnostic.

Here, you can get your car repaired and you have to pay Honda Diagnostic Fee on the basis of the service you take. The range varies from car to car and sometimes Honda offers free diagnostic services.

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